Dedridge Baptist Church

Having been at DBC from the start of 2018, I have enjoyed the sense that this is the fellowship for myself, and my wife, Sheena. We both come from a teaching background, and enjoy so much the appetite the fellowship has to more deeply understand, and practically apply, the good news of Jesus Christ.

At DBC this can be seen happening among us with lively interactive bible studies, at church and home; energetic worship and teaching on Sundays; growing relationships with Mums and Dads who bring their toddlers; helping needy folks with the food-bank; and youth work that engages the community’s younger folk with worth-while activities, games and learning.

If you are someone looking to ground your life in a convincing message of hope, and see that message change you from the inside and make a difference on the outside - come and meet us; you’ll be very welcome.

Kieran Banks